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We provide useful information about trails in the

Portland Metro region

for people with disabilities and

for people of all abilities.

Supported by our partner agencies, Access Recreation [AR] was fortunate to have been awarded two multi-year Metro Nature in Neighborhoods [NIN] grants to conduct trail assessments from the perspective of the user with a disability.  This three-year period spans from July1, 2014 through June 30, 2017.

AR is now in the process of concluding the first of 24 or more trail assessments and the creation of 12 or more videos that focus on trails of particular interest and/or complexity.

It is not the purpose of these trail assessments to identify which trails are considered ADA accessible, but rather to share information about the trails as they are, so that people with disabilities can make their own determination about whether to try a particular trail or not.  This is an extension of the Guidelines that were prepared by Access Recreation through an earlier grant.

The purpose of this webpage is to orient the user to the features that were developed by AR to share its information.

Although the information presented addresses concerns about people with disabilities, we feel that this information will benefit all trail users and sets a new standard that should be applied to all hiking trail descriptions.

This is a three-year project conducted by

Access Recreation and made possible

through two generous Metro Nature in Neighborhoods grants that will result in

36 trail assessments and 18 videos.

Trails assessed by Access Recreation

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