Trail facts at a glance
Name - Cooper Mountain Nature Park
Parks agency - Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District and Metro
Contact - Natural Resources: 503-629-6350; Park Patrol: 971-246-0169
Location -18895 SW Kemmer Road, Beaverton, OR 97007
Hours - from legal sunrise to legal sunset
Public transportation - none
Length - 2.2 miles for recommended loop; 3.2 miles all-inclusive
How difficult we consider it - varies greatly with some steep sections and some sections of newly placed crushed rock
Date of last visit - May 20, 2015

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Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Cooper Mountain Nature Park, overlooking the Chehalem Mountains and Tualatin Valley is in Beaverton, 30 minutes from downtown Portland. There are 3.5 miles of trails passing through forests, prairies and oak woodlands. All trail junctions have markers with directional signage, each capped with a park map, helpful for navigation. There is also interpretive signage with information regarding the region and features of interest.

The sidewalk along the large parking lot connects to the Nature House, accessible restrooms, a drinking fountain and one of the district's more popular nature play areas, all with accessible features.

Following the sidewalk past the playground, is the Little Prairie Loop, a 3/4 mile compacted gravel trail loop designed for wheelchair accessibility. This is where our route begins.

When approaching the Little Prairie Loop, go right to take in views of a small prairie that has remained relatively undisturbed for hundreds of years. There are benches periodically along the trail.

At the next trail junction, follow the Cooper Mountain Loop towards the Overlook Trail. These compacted gravel trails have the occasional trail surface bumps, ruts and steep sections. They also have features that may heighten the interest and diversity of the hike.

Connecting to the parallel Overlook Trail offers a great view of the park before returning to the Cooper Mountain Loop.

Rounding the southern edge of the Loop takes you by a small pond. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a rare Northern red-legged frog. Not far from here, you will find a megaphone-shaped listening device to amplify the sounds of nature.

The Cooper Mountain Loop takes a steep uphill climb shortly after the pond. Follow on this path until the trail junctions with Blacktail Way. This trail will take you into the oak woodlands and a conifer forest.

Trail signs will return you to the Little Prairie Loop and the Nature House. Our selected route is 2.2 miles in length.

This Park is open for self-guided visits from legal sunrise to legal sunset.  Bicycles and dogs [except service animals] are not allowed in the Nature Park because of damage to the sensitive habitat and their threat to wild animals. Geocaching is allowed with guidelines. 

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