Trail facts at a glance
Name - Fields Bridge Park
Parks agency - West Linn Parks & Recreation 
Contact - Ken Warner, phone 503-723-2553
Location - 821 Willamette Falls Dr, West Linn, OR 97068
How to get there - click here for directions
Transit - Trimet Bus #154 1/4 mile southeast at Ostman
Length - 3/4 mile, including the loops
How difficult do we consider it - Easy
Date of last visit - September 21, 2015
Hours - The park is open from dawn until 11 pm daily

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Fields Bridge Park

West Linn Parks & Recreation

Fields Bridge Park is a hidden gem in West Linn.  It may be small but it has jumped to the top of our favorites list.  It has many amenities to enjoy, most with accessible features.  Its greatest attribute is its location along the Tualatin River and surrounding woods.

This 19-acre park is located 20 minutes from downtown Portland.  There is a community garden, baseball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds and a fishing platform in addition to its two major trail loops.  Our chosen route has the most accessible features and provides the best access to the river.  Dogs are allowed in all parts of the park but must remain on leash.

We started our trail loop at the main parking lot, across from the baseball fields and accessible restrooms.  On your way to the trailhead, you will pass between a paved picnic area and two playgrounds surrounded by grass.  There is a ramp leading into the bark chip surface of the playgrounds.  The trailhead is past the picnic tables to the left.  This wide, paved, perimeter trail joins with a series of smaller trail loops.  Each has interesting features worth pursuing.

The first highlight off trail is a fishing platform.  Following the brick access route to the wooden platform, you will find a picnic bench with a partial covering.  Besides fishing, this is also a great location to view the river.

The next highlight, is the first of two stone platforms with interpretive displays.  These displays tell the tale of the "Willamette" meteorite.  The largest meteorite in North America, found here nearly 13,000 years ago.  This platform also has a great overall view of the river.

There are benches and picnic tables throughout the park, found in both shade and sun, most have views of the river.

One of the small loops off the perimeter trail has a fire pit, an unusual amenity in a community park.  There are two benches on either side of the pit, with plenty of open space around them.  If you are inclined to have a fire, be prepared with your own fire materials.  Foraging for wood is prohibited at the park.

The park is open from dawn until 11 pm daily.

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