Blue represents destinations directly at the Streetcar stop

Red represents destinations a short distance from Streetcar

3 miles from start to finish - one way

Accessible Destinations by Streetcar

  1. m)Access to Willamette River; connection along river to Waterfront Park

  1. l)The Fields Park

  1. k)Timbers Stadium

  1. j)Pioneer Courthouse Square

  1. i)Director Park

  1. h)South Waterfront Garden

  1. g)Riverplace with connection to Waterfront Park; Poet’s Beach

  1. f)OMSI

  1. e)Oregon Rail Heritage Center [excursions to Oaks Bottom, Saturdays]; Portland Opera and AllClassical radio station; public tours

  1. d)Public rooftop terraces at end of Tram; magnificent views

  1. c)Greenway Park, accessible; ramp and small boat launch down to the river

  1. b)Willamette Shore Trolley [goes down to Lake Oswego, summertime only]

  1. a)Access to Willamette River; connection along river to Willamette Park; The Old Spaghetti Factory

  1. 13)Tanner Springs; The Fields Park; access to Willamette River

  1. 12)Jamison Square

  1. 11)Powell’s World of Books

  1. 10)Director Park; Timbers Stadium; Pioneer Courthouse Square

  1. 9)Portland Art Museum; South Park Blocks

  1. 8)PSU Campus; South Park Blocks

  1. 7)PSU Urban Center Plaza; Starbucks and Pizzicato

  1. 6)Halprin Sequence; Pettygrove Park; Lovejoy Fountain

  1. 5)Riverplace; South Waterfront Garden; Poet’s Beach

  1. 4)Tilikum Crossing; connection to OMSI; Oregon Rail Heritage Center; and AllClassical and Portland Opera; connection to MAX; Starbucks and Elephants

  1. 3)Tram; access to Greenway and small boat ramp; Pizzicato

  1. 2)Caruthers Park

  1. 1)Southern terminus; access to Willamette River at Cottonwood Bay

Photo: Ian Poellet
Photo: Eleanor Smith

Director Park

The Fields

Portland Art Museum

South Park Blocks

Lovejoy Fountain

OHSU Sculpture Garden Roof

Caruthers Park

Cottonwood Bay - Willamette

South Waterfront Greenway

South Waterfront Garden

Riverplace Promenade

Pettygrove Park

Jamison Square

Tanner Springs